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We look forward to assisting you in bridging the gap between you/your company and Angola and helping you to achieve your business strategy with much success through our value added consulting services.

  • Business Evaluation Form
    Please download and complete our Business Evaluation Form. You can send it back to us via email or fax +27 (0)21 421 8284. Once we have received the completed form we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your needs in more detail.
  • Visa Pre-Request Form
    If you would like us to assist with your Visa application please download and complete the VISA Pre-Request Form. You can send it back to us via email or fax +27 (0)21 421 8284.

Travel Information 

We co-ordinate all travel and accommodation for our clients travelling to Angola, including the following:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
    This is a great challenge to secure mostly because of the lack of hotels in Angola and because the oil companies operating in the country. There are currently only a few good hotels in Luanda which tend to get booked up months in advance. In order to secure a reservation, one usually has to have strong connections and relationships with these hotels, which we have.
  • Visa Application
    Please note that in order for us to process your application, you will need to supply us with 3 photos and a valid passport. Our visa applications to Angola are done through diplomat liaisons with the Angolan Consulate.
  • 24 hours assistance and transport in Angola.

EMACOP does not make a profit on any travel arrangements carried out on your behalf. We are pleased that we can take this responsibility upon ourselves in order to make the process easier for you.

Medical Information

Inoculation against yellow fever is required and a certificate to this effect has to be presented upon arrival in Angola. You will not be allowed into Angola without it!

Angola is a high risk malaria area and it is recommended that the necessary prophylaxes and other precautionary measures be taken prior to departure. In addition, it is vital that the visitor maintains the prescribed prophylaxes regime upon return as well as constant monitoring of flu related symptoms. Immunisation against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B is highly recommended. It is recommended that visitors acquire an adequate supply of prescribed medicine as it may not be freely available in Angola.

Download Forms

Business Evaluation Form
VISA Pre-Request Form

Important Information

The monetary unit is the Kwanza (Kz). Exchange your currency for Kwanza (or US Dollars). Due to currency fluctuations, it is recommended that either country's Embassy be telephoned for the latest rates of exchange

Angolan embassies:
Pretoria: 012 342 0049
Johannesburg: 011 333 2721/5
Cape Town: 021 425 8700/1.

On the communications front, things have improved with the introduction of cellular phones. For business people visiting Angola, Internet is freely available in most leading hotels.

With regards to banking, Investec, ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank and FNB, amongst others, operate out of Angola.


In general, Angola, and especially Luanda, is very hot and humid. The summer season, which coincides with the rainy season, lasts from October to April.