Each engagement is based on our hourly rate (total time spent on engagement). Our hourly rate is currently $90. Each assignment is different and therefore after meeting with you, we will assess your needs and you will be issued a quotation. The average fees range from US$3,500.00 - US$10,000.00 per company depending on the complexity of the project, the amount of research to to be done, time to be spent and size of the organisation.

It is our policy to have the client deposit 50% on acceptance of our quote and before commencement of the engagement. The balance is to be paid on presentation of our invoice upon finalization of the engagement.

If you would like a quote please visit our Information & Forms page, download the Business Evaluation Form, complete and return it to us via email or fax.


Second to oil, diamonds are Angola's main export product. Major diamond reserves are located in northeastern Angola, a region endowed with the finest and top quality stones. In fact, 70% of diamonds discovered are of great quality, listing the country among the main diamond producers.


Angola also enjoys considerable agricultural potential having a climate, soil, and topography appropriate for modern and large scale agricultural production of a wide range of crops. Thus, the country's underground is immensely rich with minerals including oil, diamonds, gold, and iron ores. Furthermore, the country has an important hydropower, forest, and fishery potential.